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This Lifedoo Portable Fire Pit - well, honestly I wasn't expecting a whole lot but I am really quite impressed. This thing is easy to put together and while I don't plan on backpacking with it, it is easy to put in a car for car camping or when you are headed out and want to have a controlled campfire.


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The Lifedoo fire pit is made of four steel panels that slide together to form a V-shaped, elevated fire pit. Each steel panel has a convenient handle hole. When disassembled, the fire pit panels lay flat which is great for travel.

Wobbly Otter Outdoors

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I was impressed with their simple yet incredible deign. The 4 piece portable design allowed me to lay it flat in the bottom of my fishing sled and hike back to a more remote area where I was then able to piece it together in literally 15 seconds and get a fire started. Take down was equally as easy.

Jackson Baumgart Outdoors

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